Spring rapeseed planting gets underway in Belarus

Belarus has embarked on planting spring rapeseed, BelTA learned from the Agriculture and Food Ministry.

Spring crops were planted on an area of 432,100 hectares, or 18.7% of the target. Early spring grain and leguminous crops (excluding maize, buckwheat and millet) were planted on an area of 372,300 hectares, which is 62.5% of the plan. The regional breakdown is the following: crops were sown on the area of 96,600 hectares in Brest Oblast, 25,500 hectares in Vitebsk Oblast, 56,600 hectares in Gomel Oblast, 72,100 hectares in Grodno Oblast, 68,300 hectares in Minsk Oblast, and 53,200 hectares in Mogilev Oblast. Sugar beets were planted on an area of 8,720 hectares, which is 8.45% of the plan.

Belarus has also embarked on sowing spring rapeseed. This crop was planted on an area of 1,330 hectares, which is 3.2% of the target. Rapeseed planting is now underway in Vitebsk Oblast, Gomel Oblast, Grodno Oblast and Mogilev Oblast.

Annual grasses were planted on 42,100 hectares, which is 20.8% of the plan. Flax was sown on the area of 6,960 hectares, which is 14% of the plan. Some 615,700 hectares of land was prepared for sowing early spring crops, which is 26.6% of the target.

BelTA – News from Belarus