Belarusian parliament’s upper chamber approves bill on tourism

The senators approved the draft law “On Tourism” at the sixth session of the National Assembly of Belarus of the seventh convocation on 28 October, BelTA has learned.

The bill provides for updating and supplementing the conceptual framework in the area of tourism, defining the basic principles, objectives and priorities of state regulation of tourism. It also envisages introduction of ways to ensure performance by the tour operator of the obligations under tourism services contracts in international outbound tourism.

“This important bill will secure a fuller, deeper and more conceptual approach to the formation of tourism activities in our country,” said chairman of the Council of the Republic's standing commission on education, science, culture and social development Viktor Liskovich.

According to the senator, today Belarus is very attractive in terms of tourism, both for our citizens and foreigners. It is also necessary to protect our citizens from any possible unpleasant situations in the tourism sector.

“The law provides for the financial responsibility of tour operators. It can include insurance, funds of tour operators and bank guarantees. It also provides for the settlement of disputes between tour operators and consumers of tourist services. We should pay attention to the quality of tourist services. First of all, this is the work of tour guides, guide-interpreters. They must be professionally certified. If they do not perform their functions to the fullest extent, they will be suspended from work,” Viktor Liskovich explained.

In his words, tourism is very diverse. “We are used to considering only outbound tourism, while inbound tourism is even more important for us, not only in terms of economic development but also in terms of patriotic education and understanding of how our country lives. Today we need to develop industrial tourism, so that tourists could see our modern manufacturing capacities. Medical tourism is very popular today. Hunting tourism, both for foreigners and our citizens is popular among men, too,” the senator said.

Viktor Liskovich stressed: “All the potential that our country has should be a competent presentation of our natural, industrial, intellectual capabilities in order to be appreciated by the guests and correctly perceived by Belarusians.”

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