Lukashenko wants all shortcomings of Belarusian healthcare system fixed by 1 January

All the shortcomings of the healthcare system must be fixed by 1 January 2024. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko gave the relevant instruction as a result of the government conference held on 23 May to discuss the most pressing healthcare issues, BelTA has learned.

An independent workgroup made of medical specialists instead of government officials had been previously established upon the instruction of the head of state. The workgroup travelled all over the country and many of the negative facts pointed out by the general public have been confirmed. The State Control Committee and the Prosecutor General's Office also evaluated the situation in the healthcare system. It turned out there are plenty of problems despite the well-established system.

Summing up results of the government conference, Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “As a result, I need a document on my table one week from now. Either an executive order or a protocol of instructions. Get the minutes of the meeting, everything we've talked about. Everything must be written down. There is one deadline – 1 January 2024. All the shortcomings we've talked about must be fixed by 1 January. The president needs to sign a document that will be binding for everyone starting with the central government and ending with rural health posts.”

The fulfillment of all the instructions must be closely monitored, the head of state demanded. The State Control Committee and the Prosecutor General's Office are responsible for it. “God forbid if I get a report that you've failed to carry out the smallest instruction. You will have only yourselves to blame. Progress must be secured everywhere,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

He gave instructions to keep the workgroup that had examined the situation in the healthcare system. By the end of the year the workgroup will have to once again examine all the institutions where faults had been found.

The head of state also drew attention to personnel training. He gave instructions to organize an audit of medical universities. “Take the closest look at them. It is necessary to shake up rectors and the management of higher education institutions. If they don't get into shape, make proposals on replacing them. Everyone will go if necessary. It is intolerable, everything starts there,” Aleksandr Lukashenko remarked.

The president pointed out that today's conversation had not been about accomplishments of the Belarusian healthcare system and future development of high-tech applied science centers because there are no problems with that. It is now important to put in order ordinary clinics in small towns, districts and villages. “They are our people after all. Do you think I will forgive this attitude of yours to our people? Never in my life!” he stated. “They need aid. While we have convinced them that death is the only way out if they are diagnosed with cancer. And they have agreed with it. It is monstrous, it is intolerable. Every person needs to fight for their lives. We have to put it into people's heads and they have to demand it of us.”

Some of the instructions concerned heads of oblast administrations: they will have to take care of the physical infrastructure of healthcare institutions.

“I've given instructions concerning all areas. God forbid if you fail to do something over there. Get involved and start working. Otherwise, guys, I will take pity on no one. If someone thinks that I am going to die, calm down. Calm down. This is nothing more than idle talk in instant messaging apps and Telegram channels. Adenovirus or what was it? Adenovirus. It's nothing. Karanik smiles because it can be cured within three days. But since I had no time to spare for treatment (I had to go to Moscow, participate in a subbotnik, go to Grodno and then to Gomel), all of it piled up. This is why I am not going to die, guys. You will have to put up with me for a long time yet,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

“If you couldn't do it, I wouldn't hold you accountable. But we can do it. There will be no self-complacency. We are creating our own country. We've accomplished a lot. Let's polish it up so that we could leave it to the children. Get down to work,” the president added.

In conclusion of the government conference the head of state drew attention to yet another matter: “I was told (I didn't believe it but I instructed law enforcement agencies to take a quick look): some members of the commission are now being pressured. The pressure will soon move on to children and relatives. A conspiracy of silence has failed in this case. May god have mercy on you. We will not even talk to you. These are the people I've sent. I will respond very harshly,” Aleksandr Lukashenko cautioned.

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