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BRSM seen as pillar of Belarusian government's youth policy

BRSM seen as pillar of Belarusian government's youth policy

The Belarusian national youth union BRSM should become a pillar and the center of the country's entire youth policy, BelTA learned from Head of the Belarus President Administration Igor Sergeyenko.

Igor Sergeyenko said: “The Belarusian national youth union BRSM is celebrating 20 years these days. 20 years is not so much at all. One can say it is a young age. Today the BRSM is a living organism. It is 350,000 best young people from various parts of the country, the most patriotic people, who are dedicated to their country and inspired by ideas of humanism, nobility. They demonstrate civic mindedness and genuine patriotism in their daily lives.”

The BRSM was not created from scratch, the official noted. The organization is a successor of Komsomol, the Lenin Communist Youth Union of Belarus. “There are many people of our generation in this hall, who were Komsomol members in the past. The traditions born in the complicated post-war years, in the 1970s are still alive and you develop them. Right before this event we examined an exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the BRSM where all the regions, their young representatives showcased their projects. Student work teams have reached new heights these days. They have been reborn and the guys work at industrial enterprises in Minsk, they travel to work at construction sites in Western Siberia and other regions. The volunteer movement is actively developing. In the Year of Historical Memory the studying of one's history, the history of one's own family, one's own city, oblast, population center is becoming a serious matter. By studying history, you understand among other things what many generators of our fellow Belarusians have imbibed. It is great and remarkable,” Igor Sergeyenko said.

Igor Sergeyenko went on saying: “Naturally the BRSM should develop. The head of state has correctly identified the BRSM's future as a united leading youth organization. As he met with representatives of the pioneer organization and top officials of the BRSM in May 2022, the president spoke in favor of further development of the BRSM and tighter cooperation between the two bodies. Because today's pioneers will become members of the Belarusian national youth union BRSM tomorrow. And the BRSM should become a genuine leading force and a pillar, the center of the entire youth policy of our country. The relevant work is in progress.”

The Belarusian national youth union BRSM celebrated its 20th anniversary on 6 September. The Belarusian Youth Union and the Belarusian Patriotic Youth Union merged into the Belarusian national youth union BRSM in 2002. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko facilitated the merger. In his speech before delegates of the 38th merger congress of the two organizations, Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that a powerful joint youth organization should become one of the pillars of the Belarusian society. The president reiterated it during a government conference held on 30 August 2022 to discuss draft legislation on civil society, operation of political parties and other public associations. The BRSM's purpose is to enable conditions for the all-round development of young Belarusians, for the realization of their creative potential, for facilitating the development of a civil society based on patriotic and spiritual-moral values in the Republic of Belarus.

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